Speaking at Magnificat Meeting

On Saturday, May 3, 2014, I was both privileged and honored to speak to the Magnificat group in West Palm Beach. The presence of Jesus and the Holy Spirit could be felt in the room. The music team did an incredible job with their Christian songs, and brought everyone to their feet in singing and praising Our Lord.

It was a blessing for me to be able to share my testimony as to how Jesus has worked in my life and in my family’s lifes. The change in my career from trial lawyer to author of fictional legal novels with Christian themes has not been without its challenges, but Christ has been and will continue to support me in my endeavors as I strive to do my best to be an evangelist for Him.

During my testimony, I shared with the audience the incredible events I have witnessed while being a prison minister with Kairos prison ministries. On many occasions, I have been blessed to witness men who made mistakes in their lives, and were sentenced to prison, now turn their life over to Christ and have a positive effect on other inmates in the compound. I have attempted in the books I have written to portray the prison scenes in those novels in a realistic manner, and to let my readers know of the many men in prison who are doing their best to overcome their past, and becomes disciples of Jesus.

The Christ Our Light Chapter Magnificat Service Team in West Palm Beach is doing a wonderful service in dedicating themselves to lead Christian women, as well as men, to open more and more to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. By doing so, the Magnificat Team is bringing other Christians to a deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus, which results in multiple blessings in the lives of many people and their families. In this day and age when our society is confronted with numerous issues which detract from the quality of family life, the efforts of women such as those on the Magnificat Service Team are to be greatly appreciated.

Our Lord has blessed us all with our families, especially our children. I am finishing up a spin off from my trilogy of books known as “The Taylor Series.” The book’s title is “Life’s Choices.” The overarching Christian theme deals with an 18 year old single woman who becomes pregnant, and is faced with a monumental decision whether she will abort the baby or choose life for her child.

God bless all of you and your families. Let’s keep each other in prayer that we all honor God, and support our families, by living in a manner which follows His Commandments.

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